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V Jump Pictures of Link Evolution Update

Re-Confirming what Siliconera was claiming

A great number of existing cards will be added such as “Link God Dragon”, “Crystron Halqifibrax”, and “I:P Masquerena”

Rules will be updated to the Master Rule April 1st 2020 Revisions that allow you to play Fusion, Xyz and Synchro anywhere on the field without Links.

Besides the “Nintendo Switch”, the game will be released on the Playstation 4, the X-Box One, and Steam.

A total of over 150 Characters will be in this new version, with 15 characters from VRAINS added, including.

  • Ai (SOLtiS)
  • Ghost Girl
  • Soulburner
  • Blue Maiden
  • Revolver (Season 2 Onwards)


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