[OCG] Structure Deck Sacred Beasts of Chaos : Anime cards will be included

Your typical clickbait article stretching out just one line in a product description.

•The “Sangenma” (Three Sacred Beasts) theme, which obtained a second place by a very close marging in the Structure Deck theme election held during June and July 2019, will become an actual product due to popular demand!
For this product, new cards, as well as cards from the anime that still haven’t been introduced to the OCG will also be included, in order to target a large number of consumers.
•In the Sacred Beasts Unleashed Pack, aside from the Ultra Rare and Super Rare cards, there will also be Parallel Secret Rare cards.

-1 pre-constructred Deck (41 cards)
-1 Sacred Beasts Unleashed Pack (1 pack, 5 cards per pack)
-2 Token cards
-1 Special Duel Field (single player) / 1 Playing Guide

(The pre-constructed Deck contains 1 Ultra Rare card, 2 Super Rare cards, and 5 Parallel Rare cards)
(The Sacred Beasts Unleashed Pack contains 4 Ultra Rare cards and 1 Super Rare card)
*All 5 cards in the Sacred Beasts Unleashed Pack can also be obtained as Secret Rare.



The product description doesn’t contain much new information other than what we already knew, but the bolded line emphasizes that we might get some of the cards that were used in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime while playing around the Sacred Beasts strategy.

Keep in mind the effects of some of those cards may change. For example, Dimension Fusion Destruction is not required in the actual card game to Special Summon Armityle.

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