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[OCG] Structure Deck Sacred Beasts of Chaos

The second runner up for the Structure Deck contest gets its own Structure Deck!

Structure Deck Konton no San Genma (Three Phantasms of Chaos/Sacred Beasts of Chaos)

On Sale March 20th, 2020

1200 Yen


Pre Constructed Deck (41 Cards, 1 Ultra Rare, 2 Super Rares, 5 Parallel Rares, and 33 Commons)

Sacred Beasts Unleashed Pack (5 Cards: 4 Ultra Rares, 1 Super Rare)

All cards in this pack can come in Secret Rare

1 Special Duel Field / 1 Playing Guide

And on the same day, for 350 Yen, you can also get Duelist Card Protectors themed on the Deck (i.e. Sleeves), with 55 Sleeves per Pack



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