Legendary Gold Box Card Contents Confirmed

Every card confirmed

LGB1-JP001 Dragun of Red-Eyes (Ultra Rare)
LGB1-JP002 The Eye of Timaeus
LGB1-JP003 Red-Eyes Fusion
LGB1-JP004 Eternal Soul
LGB1-JP005 Deep of Blue-Eyes (Ultra Rare)
LGB1-JP006 Dragon Spirit of White
LGB1-JP007 Sage with Eyes of Blue
LGB1-JP008 Majesty with Eyes of Blue
LGB1-JP009 Elemental HERO Neos Kluger (Ultra Rare)
LGB1-JP010 Neos Wiseman
LGB1-JP011 Yubel
LGB1-JP012 Elemental HERO Solid Soldier
LGB1-JP013 Zenith Crystal Beast Rainbow Dragon (Ultra Rare)
LGB1-JP014 Rainbow Neos
LGB1-JP015 Rare Value
LGB1-JP016 Advanced Dark
LGB1-JP017 Shooting Star Dragon T.G. Expansion (Ultra Rare)
LGB1-JP018 Formula Synchron
LGB1-JP019 Shooting Riser Dragon
LGB1-JP020 T.G. Hyper Librarian
LGB1-JP021 Red Supernova Dragon (Ultra Rare)
LGB1-JP022 Red Nova Dragon
LGB1-JP023 Red Dragon Archfiend
LGB1-JP024 Resonator Call
LGB1-JP025 Number F0: Utopic Future Dragon (Ultra Rare)
LGB1-JP026 Number 99: Utopic Dragon
LGB1-JP027 Number S39: Utopia Prime
LGB1-JP028 Gagaga Cowboy
LGB1-JP029 Galaxy-Eyes Afterglow Dragon (Ultra Rare)
LGB1-JP030 Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon
LGB1-JP031 Number 62: Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon
LGB1-JP032 Photon Sanctuary
LGB1-JP033 Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon Overload/Overlord (Ultra Rare)
LGB1-JP034 Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon
LGB1-JP035 Xiangke Magician
LGB1-JP036 Xiangsheng Magician
LGB1-JP037 D/D/D Eulogy King Vice Requiem (Ultra Rare)
LGB1-JP038 D/D/D Oblivion King Abyss Ragnarok
LGB1-JP039 D/D Savant Kepler
LGB1-JP040 Dark Contract with the Gate
LGB1-JP041 Decode Talker Heat Soul (Ultra Rare)
LGB1-JP042 Excode Talker
LGB1-JP043 Flame Bufferlo
LGB1-JP044 Cynet Backdoor
LGB1-JP045 Borrelend Dragon (Ultra Rare)
LGB1-JP046 Borreload Savage Dragon
LGB1-JP047 Topologic Bomber Dragon
LGB1-JP048 Topologic Trisbaena

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