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[OCG] Akaiba Reiji Glasses

Apparently the creators of Yu-Gi-Oh! have give Cospa, a company that handles cosplay goods, the rights to make Akaba Reiji glasses

The glasses are estimated to go on general sale in late April, 2015.
For those who want them ahead of time, the glasses go on presale at the Jump Festa 2015 event being held December 20th and 21st at the Makuharimesse at the Cospa Booth.
The glasses can be ordered through mail order at official release.

– Temple: 145 mm
– Bridge: 15 mm
– Lens: 58 mm

The glasses cost 6500 Yen (7020 Yen if you include tax).

It’s unknown if these glasses will be available for sale overseas. And yes, the lens that come with them can be removed for prescription lens for those who want to actually wear them. And they do suggest using them to Duel.



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