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[OCG] Advanced Tournament Pack 2018 Volume 1

It includes reprints of old cards that tie into themes being supported in Flames of Destruction and other sets from January to March 2018.

18TP-JP101 Grandsoil the Elemental Lord
18TP-JP102 Genex Controller
18TP-JP103 Goka, the Pyre of Malice
18TP-JP104  Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth

18TP-JP105 Wind-Up Shark
18TP-JP106 Vampire Sorcerer
18TP-JP107 Ojama Knight
18TP-JP108 Chaos Chimera Dragon

18TP-JP109 Second Coin Toss
18TP-JP110 Chain Summoning
18TP-JP111 Teleport
18TP-JP112 Spell Power Grasp

18TP-JP113 Judgment of Thunder
18TP-JP114 Beast Rising
18TP-JP115 Morinphen
18TP-JP116 Gadget Token


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