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[Duel Links] Bonz Appears

Bonz finally takes his dive into Duel Links.



Bonz is another fairly standard event, the higher your Stages, the higher his Level.

The Level 40 Bonz drops are:

  • Pumpking the King of Ghosts (UR)
  • Ryu-Kokki (SR)
  • Castle of Dark Illusions (SR)
  • Call of the Mummy (SR)
  • Monster Rebone (SR)
  • Ghostrick Ghoul (R)
  • Ghostrick Mummy (R)
  • Ghostrick Skeleton (R)
  • Clown Zombie (N)
  • Armored Zombie (N)


Mission Rewards:

  • Beat Bonz once in Duel World: Armored Zombie (1 Copy)
  • Beat Bonz thrice in Duel World: Ghostrick Skeleton (1 Copy)
  • Beat Bonz 7 Times in Duel World: Castle of Dark Illusions (1 Copy)
  • Beat Bonz 10 Times in Duel World: Call of the Mummy (1 Copy)
  • Beat Bonz 15 Times in Duel World: Pumpking the King of Ghosts (1 Copy)

  • Beat Bonz once as Joey Wheeler taking no Damage (Ghost King Sleeves)
  • Beat Bonz thrice as Joey Wheeler taking no Damage (Ghost King Mat)


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