[Lore] “Endymion” Master Guide 6 Lore

I protest the localizations for Endymion.

Magical Citadel of Endymion

The People Living In A Magical Nation Centered Around “Endymion”

The “Magical Citadel of Endymion” is a city that grows and develops using magic, but due to the expanding influence of the “La Maison” research institute (colloquially known as the “The Grand Spellbook Tower”), that has Extraterritorial exemption from “Endymion’s” laws, and their concerns about the prosperity of a certain neighboring magical city that is a rising star due to growing trade and commerce, the city of “Endymion” seeks to further concentrate their own power.

The King Who Governs The “Magical Citadel” And His Loyal Aides

Now claiming to be “The Mighty Master of Magic” that will solidify the foundations and infrastructure of “Endymion”, Endymion strengthens the organizations and systems of the city. It’s said he’s created a new miracle that allows him to extract enormous amounts of energy from the various magic Power Stones attached to his armor.

“Endymion, the Master Magician”

Crowns Himself With The Title Of “Mighty”, Declaring Himself The Living Embodiment Of The Power Of The “Magical Citadel”

“Endymion, the Mighty Master of Magic”

The Aides Who Support His Majesty

“Magister”, who excels at magic to control leylines, “Servant”, who uses healing magic”, and “Reflection”, who is rumored to have magic comparable to the “Master of Magic”, are chosen as his new aides. “Reflection”, his empress, is said to only show her true face to the “Master Magician” himself.

“Reflection of Endymion” <-> “Selene, the Sacred Sovereign of Magic”

“Reflection”‘s true identity is that of the Moon Goddess.

The “Mighty Master of Magic” Presses Forward With “Mythical”ization Experiments

In the newly established “Mythical Institution” located in the suburbs, research was conducted to create “Mythical Beasts” by fusing Power Stones with various animals. These experiments, which cost huge amounts of money, were heavily criticized.

Various “Mythical Beasts” Were Created

The Threat Of “La Maison” Who Oppose “Endymion”

The genius sorcerer from days long ago: “Aleister”. He mastered forbidden magic called “Invocation” that allows him to call forth even spirits, conjurations, and gods from spheres and planes unknown, but his existence and all his research was erased from the annals of magic as “La Maison” was constructed.

“Crowley, the First Propheseer”

The truth is “Aleister”. during an experiment, ended up partially merging with one of those gods or spirits. Currently he is being held in the deepest depths of “La Maison”, plugged into the facility, and being as a magical power source. But once he finally stirs once more, he will become the greatest threat… …

The Guild Who Excel At Magical Craftsmanship: “Witchcrafter”

In the magical city near “Endymion”, one specializing in trade and commerce, the guild “Witchcrafter”, who create various items and crafts by infusing them with magic, by using each of their skills and specialties, have become the talk of the town. The ingenuity of their magical goods have even caught the eye of “The Master Magician” himself.

Witchcrafter Genni

Moved From The “Magical Citadel” And Works With The “Guild”

They Produce Items Using Magic

Witchcrafter Madame Verre

Contrary to her cute appearance, “Madame Verre” runs the guild with a combination of incredible magic and nerves of steel. Skilled magical craftswomen from all over have joined her side, due to her top-of-the-line talents, despite her hedonistic personality.

Guild Members

Each of the craftswomen in the Guild produce magical items of their specialty. For example, “Pittore” vividly dyes the magical clothes weaved and sewn by “Haine”, resulting in a system that allows them to collaborate.

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