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[Duel Links] Structure Decks Announced

And Konami claims they’re designed to be able to handle up to Level 30 Legendary Duelists. Release Date and Cost of these Structures has not been mentioned in the video.

魔術師の結束 Magicians United

2 A Man with Wdjat
2 Magical Undertaker
1 Trance the Magic Swordsman
3 Neo the Magic Swordsman
3 The Illusory Gentleman

2 Spell Wall
2 Book of Secret Arts

1 Destructive Draw
1 Soul Rope
1 Ready for Intercepting
2 Rope of Life

竜の咆吼 Dragon’s Roar

1 Felgrand Dragon
2 Hieratic Dragon of Nuit
1 Exploder Dragon
2 Wattaildragon
3 Hunter Dragon
3 Koumori Dragon

1 Advance Zone
1 Advance Force
2 Dragon Treasure

2 Tyrant Wing
1 Dragon’s Rebirth
1 Altar for Tribute

Price for each is apparently 500 Gems or $3.99



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