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[RD/MRP1] Megaroad Pack full setlist

The full setlist for the Megaroad Pack has dropped! Cards just revealed will be noted when they appear.

RD/MRP1-JP001 – Supreme Beast Magnum Overlord [L] (Rare, new)
RD/MRP1-JP002 – Supreme Beast Magnum Overlord (Rare, new)
RD/MRP1-JP003 – Supreme Beast Magnum Overlord [R] (Rare, new)
RD/MRP1-JP004 – Sturdy Strike Dragon Metagiastar F (Ultra Rare/Rush Rare, new)
RD/MRP1-JP005 – Magician of Dark Sevens (Ultra Rare/Rush Rare, new)
RD/MRP1-JP006 – Darkness Zerorogue (Rare, new)
RD/MRP1-JP007 – Darkness Fource Seeker (Common, new)
RD/MRP1-JP008 – Darkness Rogue (Super Rare, new)
RD/MRP1-JP009 – Sevens Road Magician (Rare/Secret Rare, alternate art)
RD/MRP1-JP010 – Sevens Road Witch (Rare/Secret Rare, alternate art)
RD/MRP1-JP011 – Sevens Road Warlock (Common, reprint)
RD/MRP1-JP012 – Sevens Road Mage (Common, reprint)
RD/MRP1-JP013 – Beast Summoner 「ビースト・サモナー」 Common Effect Monster Reprint)
RD/MRP1-JP014 – Mystic Dealer (Common, reprint)
RD/MRP1-JP015 – Sparkhearts Girl (Rare, newly revealed reprint)
RD/MRP1-JP016 – Dark Sorcerer (Common, reprint)
RD/MRP1-JP017 – Magical Stream (Common, reprint)
RD/MRP1-JP018 – Magic Curtain (Common, new)
RD/MRP1-JP019 – Road Magic – Dark Night (Rare, new)
RD/MRP1-JP020 – Darkness Road (Common, new)
RD/MRP1-JP021 – Sevens Road Protection (Common, new)
RD/MRP1-JP022 – Curtain of Sparks (Common, newly revealed reprint)
RD/MRP1-JP023 – Magic Fire Guard (Rare, new)
RD/MRP1-JP024 – Omega Guitarna the Supreme Shining Superstar (Super Rare, new)
RD/MRP1-JP025 – Princess Omega the Supreme Shining Superstar (Super Rare, new)
RD/MRP1-JP026 – Chemical Cure Purple (Common, newly revealed)
RD/MRP1-JP027 – CAN:D ALL (Super Rare, new)
RD/MRP1-JP028 – CAN – Re:D (Rare, reprint)
RD/MRP1-JP029 – CAN – Sp:D (Ultra Rare/Rush Rare, new)
RD/MRP1-JP030 – Giftarist (Common, newly revealed reprint)
RD/MRP1-JP031 – Folder Blitz the Infinite Dream (Common, reprint)
RD/MRP1-JP032 – Prima Guitarna the Shining Superstar (Common, reprint)
RD/MRP1-JP033 – Chemical Cure Red (Common, newly revealed reprint)
RD/MRP1-JP034 – ChemicalCureBlue (Common, newly revealed reprint)
RD/MRP1-JP035 – Progress Potter (Ultra Rare , new)
RD/MRP1-JP036 – Dreamrunner (Common, newly revealed reprint)
RD/MRP1-JP037 – A.I. Bear Can (Rare, new)
RD/MRP1-JP038 – Romanpick (Common, reprint)
RD/MRP1-JP039 – Handy Lady (Rare/Secret Rare, newly revealed reprint)
RD/MRP1-JP040 – Silent Assailant (Common, reprint)
RD/MRP1-JP041 – Peace Holder (Common, newly revealed reprint)
RD/MRP1-JP042 – Ama Lilith (Common, new)
RD/MRP1-JP043 – CAN:D (Rare/Secret Rare, reprint)
RD/MRP1-JP044 – Psychic Omega Blast (Common, new)
RD/MRP1-JP045 – Psychic Divergence (Rare, reprint)
RD/MRP1-JP046 – JAM:P Set! (Rare/Secret Rare, reprint)
RD/MRP1-JP047 – Psychic Trap Hole (Common, newly revealed reprint)
RD/MRP1-JP048 – Cross Target (Super Rare, new)
RD/MRP1-JP049 – Featuring Omega (Common, new)
RD/MRP1-JP050 – Dian Keto the Security Master (Common, reprint)
RD/MRP1-JP051 – Dian Keto the Boogie Master (Common, reprint)
RD/MRP1-JP052 – Dian Keto the Kitchen Master (Super Rare, new)
RD/MRP1-JP053 – Shoulder Phone Nyan Nyan (Ultra Rare/Rush Rare, new)
RD/MRP1-JP054 – Lady of Pumps (Super Rare, new)
RD/MRP1-JP055 – Seahorse Carrier (Common, reprint)
RD/MRP1-JP056 – Tiramisu Dark Witch (Common, new)
RD/MRP1-JP057 – Kanan the Warden Mistress (Common, reprint)
RD/MRP1-JP058 – Kanan the Sword Diva (Common, reprint)
RD/MRP1-JP059 – Frenzied Panna Cotta (Common, new)
RD/MRP1-JP060 – LaMoon the Party Princess (Common, reprint)
RD/MRP1-JP061 – Coconut Changel of Heart (Common, new)
RD/MRP1-JP062 – Mother’s Storm (Common, new)
RD/MRP1-JP063 – Moisturize (Common, reprint)
RD/MRP1-JP064 – Dian Keto the Cure Master (Common, reprint)
RD/MRP1-JP065 – Bubblyman Shock! (Rare, new)
RD/MRP1-JP066 – Last Day of the Pretty☆Witch (Common, reprint)
RD/MRP1-JP067 – Excitagain (Common, new)
RD/MRP1-JP068 – Master’s Cure (Common, new)
RD/MRP1-JP069 – Jewelry Trap Hole (Common, reprint)
RD/MRP1-JP070 – Party Time – Disco Ball (Common, reprint)
RD/MRP1-JP071 – Dark Skeleton Dead Ruler (Ultra Rare, new)
RD/MRP1-JP072 – Wicked Shadow Dark Lurker (Rare, reprint)
RD/MRP1-JP073 – The Half-Body Crawling Around (Rare, new)
RD/MRP1-JP074 – Cyber-Stein Shrine (Rare, new)
RD/MRP1-JP075 – Hanako’s Right Behind You (Common, new)
RD/MRP1-JP076 – Spirit Dwelling in the Purple Mirror (Common, new)
RD/MRP1-JP077 – Witching Hour Chrysanthemum Doll (Common, new)
RD/MRP1-JP078 – Samba Zombie Rio (Common, new)
RD/MRP1-JP079 – Dry Knock Sound (Common, new)
RD/MRP1-JP080 – Cursed Fan Letter (Common, new)
RD/MRP1-JP081 – Zombie Carnival (Common, new)
RD/MRP1-JP082 – Zombie Fireworks (Rare, new)
RD/MRP1-JP083 – Surprising Zombie Victory (Common, new)
RD/MRP1-JP084 – Behind You! (Common, new)
RD/MRP1-JP085 – Gradually Approaching Footsteps (Common, new)
RD/MRP1-JP086 – The Cursed Cat Counting Dishes (Common, new)
RD/MRP1-JP087 – Cursed Call Number (Common, new)
RD/MRP1-JP088 – Oriental Tiger (Rare, new)
RD/MRP1-JP089 – Shadow Ghoul (Ultra Rare, new)
RD/MRP1-JP090 – Cursed Skeletal Dragon Diarga (Rare, new)
RD/MRP1-JP091 – Peeking Magician (Super Rare, new)
RD/MRP1-JP092 – The Strange Specter of Celestial Severance (Super Rare, new)
RD/MRP1-JP093 – Magical Ghost (Common, new)
RD/MRP1-JP094 – Sacrificial Summon (Super Rare, new)
RD/MRP1-JP095 – Star Restart (Rare/Secret Rare, reprint)
RD/MRP1-JP096 – Trade-In (Rare, new)
RD/MRP1-JP097  – Fusion (Common, reprint)
RD/MRP1-JP098 – Imptailing Crisis (Ultra Rare, new)
RD/MRP1-JP099 – Recurring Nightmare (Secret Rare, new)
RD/MRP1-JP100 – Pot of Avarice (Secret Rare, new)