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[Deck Recipe] “Cyber Dragon” Deck (DP20)

A new Deck heavily based on Fusion Summoning using the latest Cyber Dragon cards.

A New Fusion Summon! “Cyber Dragon” Deck

New Card Usage: 5/5
Deployment Power: 3/5
ATK: 5/5
Fusion Smmon: 5/5
Cyber Style: 4/5
Machine-Type: 4/5

“Cybernetic Revolution”
It uses Cyber Dragons to Special Summon cards from the Extra Deck, such as “Cyber Eternity Dragon” or “Cyber End Dragon”

“Cyber Eternity Dragon”
Special Summons a “Cyber Dragon” from the hand, Deck or GY.

“Cyber Dragon” and monsters treated as “Cyber Dragon” while on the field or GY are used as material for Fusion Summoning powerful Fusion Summons!

“Cyberload Fusion” and “Power Bond” Fusion Summon

“Cyberload Fusion” can be added from the Deck to the hand with the effect of “Cyber Dragon Core”. It can use the monsters banished by the effects of “Cybernetic Overflow” and “Cybernetic Fusion Support” as materials!

2 Cyber Pharos
3 Cyber Dragon Herz
3 Cyber Dragon Core
3 Cyber Dragon
1 Cyber Eltanin
3 Galaxy Soldier

1 Eternal Evolution Burst
2 Cyberload Fusion
2 Cybernetic Fusion Support
3 Emergency Cyber
3 Cyber Repair Plant
2 Cyber Revsystem
3 Power Bond
3 Called by the Grave
1 Limiter Removal
2 Machine Duplication
1 Foolish Burial

3 Cybernetic Revolution
1 Cybernetic Overflow

2 Cyber Eternity Dragon
1 Cyber End Dragon
1 Chimeratech Megafleet Dragon
1 Chimeratech Overdragon
1 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
1 Cyber Twin Dragon
2 Chimeratech Rampage Dragon
1 Cyber Dragon Nova
1 Cyber Dragon Infinity
2 Cyber Dragon Sieger
1 Linkuriboh
1 Hyperstar


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