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YGOrganization Anniversary Update

It’s the end of another year! We launched August 1st, but today is our actual birthday!

It’s been 3 long years since I first paid for the servers, set the site up, and started to add some content that nobody but those close to me would see for two more months. In that time, we’ve grown quite a bit. We’ve said goodbye to old staff members like Mephisto Pheles, Inexorably, Siulzen, and Nettles; but gained quite a few new faces along the way. You’ve all been quite welcoming to the newest members of the year, Joenen, DSummon, TwoTailedFox, Bilaterus, and AntiTcb, and the much more recent Sky Scout.

Today we’re happy to announce the newest member of the Org Family: Quincymccoy.

You may recognize his name, as he frequently posts a lot of the Casual Deck Articles you see on a frequent basis. He’s been brought on in an official capacity as Number VIII as our Graphics Artist, but fear not, the articles will continue to come out even more frequently than before!

Other Updates:

{1} Newsletters
Coming in early July, the Org is going postal, in a good way! Starting July 7th you’ll be able to sign-up for our weekly newsletter letting you know about all the best articles of the past week you may have missed! A great addition for our busier fans who don’t want to just randomly check us every day hoping for new content.

{2} Organization Emails
Effective immediately are emails for staff on this site. This includes our freelance staff, not just the core Number team. This update is more for them: but you, the reader, can now rest assured that we’ll have active contact emails for any website based concerns, and there will be ways for you to reach-out to your favourite staff members (and also verify that anyone claiming to be a staff member actually is one)!

{3} The Organization on Facebook
We do have a Facebook page that we update more regularly than the site itself! It’s nearly at 9,000 likes presently, and we’d really like to see it hit 10,000! We’re hoping to do a lot more contests in our fourth year, and most of them will be through this medium, so be sure to head on over and click that like button.

{4} The Organization on Twitter
Not a Facebook fan? Rather quickly get your updates in 140 characters or less? Head on over to YGOrganization’s Twitter Account and follow us to get immediate updates when articles are posted.

{5} Yugioh Subreddit
The fine folks over at /r/yugioh are pretty persistent and frequent in posting the content from this site. We really appreciate their efforts, and felt the need to give them a loving shout-out in our social media section of this post.

{6} DuelistGroundz gets a new owner.
Many of you have heard about this, but DuelistGroundz has been sold to a new owner. Details on this can be found here. All information the involved parties wish to share can be found within the linked thread.

{7} FORGum
The Org forums are a pretty bad eyesore, and with a new graphics guy on the team, you can expect an overhaul of them to soon be underway! One thing we want to hear from you guys is which parts of the forum you feel need the most work, what boards you feel are redundant, and what boards you’d like to see. Your feedback is very important to us on this matter!

{8} 1st edition run of T-shirts, and 2nd run of Org Hoodies!
We’re going to do another run of T-shirts and/or Hoodies in the month of July, but need feedback from you guys on what you’d want to see. What colours would you prefer? Would you rather t-shirts or hoodies? To those of you who bought Hoodies during our first run, rest assured, those are the only 1st edition Hoodies that will ever exist. Treasure them!

{9} VangORG [Tentative name]
Do you play Vanguard? It may interest some of you to know that, like Yu-Gi-Oh!, Vanguard comes out in Japan first, and a lot of its initial spoiler news is Japanese just like it is with us. With such a strong team, and a passionate interest in pursuing it, Vanguard Organization has officially begun as a project: we hope to be ready to launch by September. We look forward to any players of both games joining us in our adventure into a new realm!


As always, the best place to discuss this and every article is on our forum, and we plan to very religiously follow the thread about this post in particular, as it asks a lot of you, the readers. We look forward to hearing feedback from you guys.


Thank you to all of the staff, and of course you the reader, for a wonderful 3 years. I promise to do my best to make our 4th the best one yet.