[TCG] 2021 Rules Update

The April 2020 rule revision arrives.

The following rule updates & clarifications (some of which have already been in effect) are in effect at in-person and remote duel events at all levels. These will be incorporated into an upcoming rulebook update.

  1. Fusion, Synchro, and Xyz Monsters can be first Summoned from the Extra Deck to any of your Main Monster Zones. They do not have to be Summoned to the Extra Monster Zone or a spot that a Link Monster is pointing to. You can still Summon a Fusion/Synchro/Xyz Monster from the Extra Deck to your Extra Monster Zone if you want to, though. (The restrictions requiring an Extra Monster Zone or Link Monster pointing still apply to Link Monsters and Pendulum Monsters that are Summoned from the Extra Deck.)
  2. If a monster’s Trigger Effect meets its activation conditions, BUT hasn’t yet had a chance to actually activate yet (because it’s still in the middle of a chain or card effect, for example) and is therefore being “saved for later”, BUT its location* changes between the time its Trigger Effect activation is met, and the time it actually has a chance to activate, its effect does not activate. [*On the field, in the Graveyard, in the hand, banished, or in the Deck.]
  3. The restriction of “you cannot Normal or Special Summon the turn you activate this card” only refers to monsters that were successfully summoned. Same for “you can only Special Summon X once per turn” restrictions.
  4. Trap Monsters that say “This card is also still a Trap.” do not occupy both a Monster Zone and a Spell & Trap Zone. They are only in the Monster Zone (where the card actually is) and do not take up a Spell & Trap Zone.
  5. Page 51 of the rulebook, under “Leaves the Field”: “When a monster on the field is shuffled into the Main Deck, or becomes an Xyz Material, it is no longer a card on the field, however its effects that activate when it “leaves the field” will not activate.” “Main Deck” should be “Deck” (and therefore also includes the Extra Deck).

You may remember that most of these rules were introduced in the OCG in the April 2020 Master Rule revision and they were also rolled out in Duel Links. Due to the turbulent times to hold events in person, these rules were occasionally implemented in Remote Duels on varying levels and for individual events only without a general change for all events. This announcement effectively implements this rule for all TCG events, as mentioned above.

Source for Americas, Europe and other TCG regions. (The content is the same in both pages)

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