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December 2014 V Jump Assorted Products News

Mostly this that and some other stuff, such as Noble Knight Mats.

Update: V Jump Edition Promo Names and Art Revealed!

Duel Field EX: Epic of Noble Knights

December 20th, 2014

Comes with 3 Promo Cards and costs 1500 Yen, because the markets are different.

The Rarity Collection comes out December 20th, and includes cards like Thunder Sea Horse and┬áDragunity Knight – Vajrayana

Entermate Pendulum Magician / Performapal Pendulum Wizard
Level 4
Scale 2
Effects Unknown

DDD Kaigiou Abyss Ragnarok / DDD Abyss Ragnarok the Destruction Overlord
Level 8
Effects Unknown

Choujuu Shinki Shutendo-G / Superheavy Oni Shutendo-G
Level 6
Synchro Monster
Effects Unknown

Raid Raptors – Force Strix
Rank 4
Xyz Monster
Effects Unknown

Des-Toy Scissors Tiger
Level 6
Fusion Monster
Effects Unknown

Also, the V Jump Edition is being changed to be easier and faster to get, but you’ll have to pay to get it. But how’ll be revealed next issue!

Source: Maxut, V Jump


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