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[SHVA] Cards from the Live Duel

Cards presented from the Live Duel of Zigfried vs Jean Claude, however the cards themselves weren’t directly shown, so we have summaries.

Valkyrie Dritte
• If this card is Summoned, add 1 “Valkyrie” from the Deck to the hand.
• 1000 ATK
• Gains 200 ATK for each banished monster

Goddess Skuld’s Oracle
• Adds “Goddess Verdande’s Guidance” from the Deck to the Hand. (Once per Turn)
• Rearrange the top 3 cards of the opponent the Deck

Goddess Verdande’s Guidance
• Adds “Goddes Urd’s Verdict” from the Deck to the Hand (Once per Turn)
• Predict the Card Type of the Card (Monster, Spell or Trap) (He reveals Pot of Greed), and Set it on the field if called correctly

Goddess Urd’s Verdict
• Guess the name of the face-downcard, if you guess it correctly, banish it face-up. (Once per Turn)
• Valkyries cannot be targeted or destroyed by card effects.

Hidden Village of Ninjitsu Art Training
Field Spell Card
Each effect is name based once per turn
• If a “Ninja” monster is Summoned, target 1 “Ninja” monster or “Ninjitsu” card in the GY and add it to the hand.
• If a “Ninja” monster or “Ninjitsu Art” card would be destroyed (by battle or card effect), you can banish a “Ninja” or “Ninjitsu Art” in your GY instead.

Ninja Grandmaster Saizo
Link Monster
• Once per Turn: Set 1 “Ninjitsu Art” Spell/Trap Card directly from the Deck
• Monsters this card points to cannot be targeted or attacked.

Valkyrie Erste
• 1900 ATK
• When this card is summoned, destroy 1 monster on the field.

Yellow Ninja
• 1900 ATK
• When this card is {Normal?) Summoned, Special Summon 1 “Ninja” from your hand.

Ride of the Valkyries
Normal Spell Card
• Special Summon up to 5 Valkyrie Monsters from your hand to your side of the field
• During the End Phase of this turn, all monsters Special Summon by this effect are shuffled into the deck
• Banish this card from the GY to add “Mischief of the Time Goddess” from the Deck to the hand.
• If you summon 3 or more monsters with this effect, you cannot lose life points until your next end phase

Valkyrie Brunhilde
• 1800 ATK
• Brunhilde gains 500 ATK for each monster opponent controls

Valkyrie Zweite

Mischief of the Time Goddess Spell
• Cards and effects cannot be activated in response to this card’s activation.
• Somehow get a 2nd Battle Phase
• Has quite a bit of text implying quite a number of restrictions and conditions

Ninjitsu Art of Mirage Transformation
• Trap Card
• Tribute 1 “Ninja” monster you control, Special Summon 1 monster from your opponent’s GY to your field, that monster is treated as a “Ninja” monster


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