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[Duel Links] Upcoming Updates September 2020

Time to go into a Brand New World!

A new month means it’s time for the monthly updates to Duel Links.

Early September:

First is the return of Evolved Hasselberry with his new cards Evo-Diversity and Evoltile Lagosucho.

Second is Event Exclusive Duelist comes to the gate with Carley Carmine and the ability to unlock the skill Going Undercover.

Third comes the next season of the KC Cup the first stage is September 8th – September 21st and the second stage is September 18th-21st.

Mid September:

Tour Guides Bingo Mission Returns with cool prizes and the ability to get Carboneddon.

Duelist Chronicles 5Ds: Fight for the Fortune Cup where your travel through the story of Yusei attempting to get Stardust Dragon back from Jack to unlock Psychic Snail and a new Exclusive Akiza Skill.

Late September:

A New World is coming to Duel Links in late September with new adventures and new duelists to unlock.

~Duel Links

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