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[TCG] 2- Player Starter Deck Yuya & Declan (Europe)

Apparently a product exclusive to Europe.

– Release date: 28 May 2015
– This deck features 2 new cards
– 42 cards per deck (2SR, 2 UR 38 Common cards)
– 10 decks per display, 12 displays per case
– SRP 9.99 EUR

Key facts:
2 players can get started with the game for €9.99 or 1 player can combine them into a single deck – the card list has been specially designed to work for both scenarios
Themed on the main 2 characters and rivals from Arc-V, Yuya and Declan. The “2-player” idea will feature prominently on the package art and text.
Designed to be much more accessible for beginner players than previous starters, using much more straight forward cards.

This year’s starter deck will be a 2-player deck and still retain the price point of 9.99 EUR.
The deck will contain two 21-card decks for a two player experience which also can be combined to give 1 player a full 42-card deck.

EU exclusive (KDE-US are releasing two separate decks)



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