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The new system of summoning revealed!

1/16 New pictures with a bit more hints on how this works

New form of Summoning and Dueling!

Pendulum Summon!

“Pendulum” is a keyword for this type of summoning!

It requires 2 monsters!

And monsters with brand new types of effects will appear!?

The white monster next to Yuya is captioned with “Magician of Astromancy” and the black one is “Magician of Chronomancy”.

Following on the footsteps of “5D’s Riding Duel” “Zexal’s AR Duel”, is the brand new “Action Duel” of “Arc-V”!

Action Duel is something that is done by generating these “touchable solid visions”! These solid visions surround the entire field and the Duel takes place in the entire area.

A new form of summoning weaving together Astromancy and Chronomancy!

“Pendulum” is an English word meaning “furiko”! With the amount of information we have so far, we know that monsters with special effects will appear, and if you use 2 of them you can perform this kind of summoning? There will be more information on this in the upcoming days, so keep an eye out!

The new starter deck on sale on March 21st as reported on before is confirmed to allow you to perform Pendulum Summons. The Download Code it comes with will allow you to download a new software that teaches you how to perform Pendulum Summons!



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