Yu-Gi-Oh! United Duel Tournament Special (November 28th, 2021)

Comedians and MCs do commentary and shitpost about Yu-Gi-Oh! news.


  • Yu-Gi-Oh! United Duel Tournament Participant Survey
  • 3 Pieces of Upcoming News for the Official Card Game
  • Plans

Shiny Prismatic Cards

Q. What is your favorite Summoning Method?

1st Place: Fusion Summon
2nd Place: Synchro Summon
3rd Place: Xyz Summon

Q. What is your favorite Type?

1st Place: Dragons
2nd Place: Spellcasters
3rd Place: Warriors

Q. What is your favorite Attribute?

1st Place: DARK
2nd Place: LIGHT
3rd Place: WIND

People noting what Duel Monsters they’d like to become.

LIVE with a staff member from the Card Labo Satellite Shop in Akihabara Tokyo. He has an amazing Rescue Rabbit themed helmet and mask shield.

Live from Dragon Star

Design Sheet for Nafil Asylum Hept Knight

New Tokens from Token Pack Volume 4 (including a new Mecha Phantom Beast Token)

Token Pack Volume 4

December 4th to 5th will be the next Yu-Gi-Oh! Day

Skit Stuff

Live from another store, Card Box

Have you considered the word of our lord and savior, Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel

Back to Dragon Star

Springans Kitt Design Sheet

Official Rules for the United Duel Tournament

  • The Master Rule April 1st 2020 Revision Rule Set is used
  • Best of 1 Match
  • Duels can end in a Draw

You use can only use one Deck, and no Side Deck is allowed

Duels are 25 Minutes Long, and your Tournament cell is 3 rounds of Swiss Format

Mystical Elf” Secret Rare (SPECIAL BLUE Ver.)

Mirrorjade the Iceblade Dragon Design Sheet

Master of Chaos Sleeves

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