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Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS Duel-4 Confirmed

For the episodes covering the fourth cour of the show!

The fourth DVD/Blu-Ray Set of SEVENS (covering Episodes 40 to 52) goes on sale August 25th, 2021

It comes with a Special Promo Card of “CAN:D” with alternate artwork, not revealed at this time.

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Three-Way Back Case with Anime Artwork

Special Alternate Artwork of “CAN:D” (Ultra Rare Parallel Foiling)

2 Fold Leaflet

Audio Commentary about Episode 40 from Gakuto, Romin and Kaizo’s voice actors.

2 Disc Set
Blu-Ray: 21,780 Yen
DVD: 19,850 Yen

Covers Episodes 40 to 52

Released by Marvelous

Special Goods should be reserved by June 16th or early to be ensured.

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