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“Yu-Gi-Oh! Go Rush!!” Blu-Ray & DVD DUEL-3

There’s a reason to watch it twice! There’s a reason to watch it twice!

“Yu-Gi-Oh! Go Rush!!” Blu-Ray & DVD DUEL-3
Includes: Episodes 27 to 39

※ First Run Bonuses Are While Supplies Last.
※ To ensure you can get these goods, please pre-order by February 17th, 2023.
※ Details are subject to change.

First Run Bonuses
• Special 3-Way Case with Anime Illustrations
• Special Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel Card
• Folded Leaflet

Special Feature:
Audio Commentary

Release Date: April 26th, 2023
Contents: 2 Disks
Blu-ray: ¥21,780(Before Tax: ¥19,800) 【MJHX-02027】
DVD: ¥19,580 (Before Tax: ¥17,800) 【MJHD-05023】

Included Episodes: 27~39

BD 【Video: MPEG-4 AVC 1080p/Audio: Linear PCM 2ch】
DVD【Video: MPEG-2 16:9(letter box)/Audio: Dolby Digital Stereo 2ch】
Sales/Distributor: Marvelous Co., Ltd.


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