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Yu-Gi-Oh! Cafe Menu Round 2

More food items and goods for sale have been revealed!

yugioh_goods_0317 yugioh_goods_0317 2 yugioh_goods_0317 3

Can badges (12 types) – 500 yen for a random badge
Acrylic Ball Keychain (12 types) – 600 yen for a random keychain
Acrylic Diorama Stand (6 types) – 800 yen each
A4 Clear File (1 type) – 600 yen each
B1 Poster (5 types) – 980 yen each


Yugi – Millennium Puzzle Drink
(Grape Fruit Juice + Mixed Berry + Fresh Cream + Sponge)

Yuya – “Otanoshimi wa kore kara da” (Let the Fun Begin)
(Tomato Juice + Orange Juice + Crushed Lime Juice + Cherry + Kiwi)

Jack Atlas – Blue Eyes Mountain (With a Free Sandwich)
(Coffee (Blue Mountain) + Sandwich)
* There are a total of three novelty coasters given out
(Comes with invoice!)

Kaiba Seto – Horobi no Burst Stream
(Blue Curacao + Calpis + Sprite + Ramune Jar Bead)


Kiryu Kyosuke – Satisfaction Pasta
(Carbonara sauce + Meat Sauce Parmesan Cheese + Shrimp + Squid + Tomato


Reiji Trap Sweets – Dark Contract with the Berry
(Strawberry Cake + Strawberry Sauce)

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