The Judge’s Guide

It would seem someone’s gathered Judge policy notes in an organized pile.

For the Judges in the audience, as well as anyone generally interested in official event policy,  it has been brought to my attention the existence of a website page called The Judges Guide.

Of what I understand, this site has been designed to allow Judges to access all the commonly used, available resources at their disposal, in one conveniently centralized location, due to the otherwise scattered nature of official documentation and policy resources, in an easier to digest format.

According to the creator, this website has been designed with mobile use in mind, for those carrying Smartphones and Tablets, to allow users easy access to the information on the floor of an event, for the purposes of answering questions and aren’t entirely sure, or trying to pinpoint a tricky detail in the resources).

Having tested, for those using a device with iOS, you can use the Safari functionality to create a home screen icon to instantly access the website. We suspect updates and upgrades for the website, naturally, will be on going.

Though, of course, I would like to remind those reading, this website, while useful, is ultimately a fan resource, and doesn’t replace the official website or documents.

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