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[DBHS] The Other Two Bosses’ Names

The names of the bosses of the other two themes in Hidden Summoners are revealed!

麗の魔妖-妖狐 Uruwashi no Mayakashi – Youko (Beautiful Mayakashi – Youko)

“Ah, how unfortunate. The flames of our ghostly realm will soon snuff out any insolent flickers…”

TL note: “Mayakashi”, using the kanji for “magic/evil” and the “bewitching” kanji from “youkai”, is a play on the “ma” reading of the “magic” kanji and the word “ayakashi”, another word essentially meaning “apparition/youkai”

When written without kanji, “mayakashi” means “fake/phony/deception”

Youko may be a name here, depending on the other members, but it is also the word used to describe fox spirits/“kitsune”

プランキッズ・ハウスバトラー Purankizzu Hausubatoraa (Prankids/Planckids Housebattler/Housebutler)

“Another tumultuous day at the Prankids House!”

The theme name here is Purankizzu, which is likely either Prankids or Planckids (get it they’re small)

Also, as to Nephthys’ tagline is:

“The legend of Nephthys has been passed down, towards a new hope…”

Thanks to Decchan for the explanations.


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