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YGOrganization Box Tournament #4 Pairings

This tournament will begin at 5:10 PM EST. This post will be updated throughout the day with pairings posted and general info regarding the event. This is a single Elimination event. 10 minutes late is a game loss. 20 minutes late is a match loss. This will be four rounds.

Please only comment below with Round Results using the following format:
RoundNumber – TableNumber – WW, LL, WLW, etc. – ImgurResults
All disconnects, time wins, and tardies must be recorded and reported as such.
Example: R1 – T16 – LWW –

Round 1 Pairings
This round ends at 6:15 PM EDT. Penalties for being late begin to apply at 5:30. Right click and open the below image in a new tab if it is too difficult to read on your browser.

Round 2 is our Top 4!

(Cool Trainer) Chris Maverick vs (Rapture) Aaron Riker
(Nuclear Nightmare) Shane Nastek vs (Joenen) Joenen Joestar

Our finals are decided!
(Rapture) Aaron Riker with Dragon Rulers defeats Chris Maverick (Cool Trainer)’s Madolches and will be dueling Joenen Joestar (Joenen)s Prophecy Deck after it successfully defeated (Nuclear Nightmare) Shane Nasteks Geargia Deck.

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