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YGOrg Free Open Results

Congratulations to Lukas Randegger for coming in first place at our Free Open tournament! He and Chris Maverick, who came in 2nd place, both get one free entry to our Box Tournaments that start up next week!

The top 4 Decklists from this event were:

1st: Lukas RandiĀ – “Dragon Pile of Cards”

2nd: Chris Maverick – “Dragon Ruler of Oceans”

Top 4: Luke Feeny with Prophecy and P. Johnson with Synchrocentric

We had 66 entrants. Organized by theme, the entries are as follows:

Inzektor x1
Hieratic x4
Zombie x1
Dragon x6
Mermail x2
Geargia x2
Evilswarm x1
TG Stun x2
Photon x1
Fire Fist x7
Dark World x1
Fire King x5
Lightray x1
Lightsworn x1
Gadget x1
Constellar x3
Mecha Phantom Beast x1
Six Samurai x1
Prophecy x7
Blackwing x3
Infernity x1
Counter Fairy x1
Madolche x1
Noble Knight x1
Agent x2
Chain Burn x2
X-Saber x1
Wind-Up x2
Synchrocentric x2
Bujin x1
Exodia x1

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