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YGOrg Box Tournament #2 Results – Aug. 29, 2013

Tonight, the Organization hosted another Fast Four-Round Fight, for those that wanted a last-minute fracas before Toronto.

Aaron Riker has won a box of Judgment of the Light.

Read on to see what our Tonight’s Top Four brought to the Fight.

1st: Aaron “Rapture” Riker – Sept. 2013 Spellbooks

2nd: Alex Sierra – Fire Kings

T4: “luckystraights” – Bro Fist

T4: Itachi – Constellar

Looks like the Dragons gave up their roost after all.

In the meantime, two of these decks teach us something: it’s not about rule of the roost, it’s about sending a message – everything burns!

So, how about you try your luck, and sign up for our next Fast Four-Round Fight? Our dear Rapture came by and swept everyone off their feet. I challenge you to take him out.

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