[WPP3] “Libromancer” Gets Big In Japan

Its time for the heroes of stories to arrive on Asian shores.

WPP3-JP015 Libromancer G Boy (Libromancer Geek Boy)

WPP3-JP016 Libromancer Magigirl

WPP3-JP017 Libromancer Agent

WPP3-JP018 Libromancer Fire

WPP3-JP019 Libromancer Firestarter

WPP3-JP020 Libromancer Mystigirl

WPP3-JP021 Libromancer Deathbroker (TCG: Libromancer Doombroker)

WPP3-JP022 Libromancer Fireburst

WPP3-JP023 Libromancer Rising (TCG: Libromancer First Appearance)

WPP3-JP024 Libromancer Realize (TCG: Libromancer Realized)

WPP3-JP025 Libromancer Re-Rising (TCG: Libromancer Bonded)

WPP3-JP026 Libromancer Interfere (TCG: Libromancer Intervention)

WPP3-JP027 Libromancer Affected (TCG: Libromancer Displaced)

WPP3-JP028 Libromancer Prevent (TCG: Libromancer Prevented)


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