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[SD38] Complete Checklist

Yubel’s Greatest Hits Collection and Not Even A Shard of Greed in sight.

SD38-JP001 Raviel, Lord of Phantasms – Shimmering Scraper
SD38-JP002 ChaosCore
SD38-JP003 Dark Beckoning Beast
SD38-JP004 Chaos Summoning Beast
SD38-JP005 Dark Summoning Beast
SD38-JP006 Grinder Golem
SD38-JP007 Phantom of Chaos
SD38-JP008 Phantom Skyblaster
SD38-JP009 Mad Reloader
SD38-JP010 Grave Squirmer
SD38-JP011 Rainbow Dark Dragon
SD38-JP012 Tragoedia
SD38-JP013 Radian, the Multidimensional Kaiju
SD38-JP014 Chaos Hunter
SD38-JP015 Puppet Master
SD38-JP016 Stygian Street Patrol
SD38-JP017 The Fabled Cerburrel
SD38-JP018 Farfa, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss
SD38-JP019 Cerulean Skyfire
SD38-JP020 The Seven Spirit Gates Unleashed
SD38-JP021 Fallen Paradise
SD38-JP022 Phantasmal Martyrs
SD38-JP023 Spell Chronicle
SD38-JP024 Terraforming
SD38-JP025 Set Rotation
SD38-JP026 Mound of the Bound Creator
SD38-JP027 One for One
SD38-JP028 Beginning of the End
SD38-JP029 Pot of Desires
SD38-JP030 Owner’s Seal
SD38-JP031 Kaiser Colosseum
SD38-JP032 Swords of Concealing Light
SD38-JP033 Mystical Space Typhoon
SD38-JP034 Hyper Blaze
SD38-JP035 Awakening of the Sacred Beasts
SD38-JP036 Escape from the Dark Dimension
SD38-JP037 Shape Sister
SD38-JP038 Imperial Custom
SD38-JP039 Mistake
SD38-JP040 Dark Factory of More Production
SD38-JP041 Phantasm Emperor Trilojig
SD38-JPT01 Phantasm Token
SD38-JPT02 Phantasmal Martyr Token

Sacred Beasts Unleashed Pack

SD38-JPP01 Uria, Lord of Searing Flames
SD38-JPP02 Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder
SD38-JPP03 Raviel, Lord of Phantasms
SD38-JPP04 Chaos Phantasm Armityle
SD38-JPP05 Dimension Fusion Destruction


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