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[RATE] New Crystrons

New Crystron Main Deck Monsters from Raging Tempest have been revealed! And one of them is the promo Crystron from Invasion: Vengeance: Special Edition!


水晶機巧-リオン Crystron Rion
Level 3 WATER Machine-Type Tuner Effect Monster
ATK 500
DEF 500
You can only use the effect of “Crystron Rion” once per turn.
(1) During either your opponent’s Main Phase or Battle Phase: You can target 1 of your banished non-Tuner monsters; Special Summon that monster, but its effects are negated, and if you do, immediately after this effect resolves, Synchro Summon 1 Machine-Type Synchro Monster, using that monster and this card only (this is a Quick Effect). The monsters used for that Synchro Summon are not sent to the Graveyard and are returned to their owners’ Deck instead.

水晶機巧-サルファフナー Crystron Sulfafnir
Level 5 WATER Machine-Type Effect Monster
ATK 2000
DEF 1000
You can only use the (1) and (2) effects of “Crystron Sulfafnir” once per turn.
(1) If this card is in the hand or Graveyard: You can discard 1 “Crystron” card from your hand other than “Crystron Sulfafnir”; Special Summon this card in face-up Defense Position. Afterwards, destroy 1 card you control.
(2) If this card on the field is destroyed (by battle or by card effect): You can Special Summon 1 “Crystron” monster from your Deck in face-up Defense Position.


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