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[Duel Links] Epsa Roba’s Duel Carnival

Or: Splatfest in Duel Links, except you don’t get placed against opponents of equal Skill Level.

Roba announces he’ll be joining Duel Links full time.

The premise of the Event is you need to help Roba realize what cards and Decks are most dangerous to his Jinzo centric strategies.

The event’s actually a Splatfest type event of “Team X” vs “Team Y”, where you work with your teams to decide which Type is better than the other. And you get bonus points by running cards of your chosen Type, except you’ll probably be better off just running standard Metagame Decks if you want rewards.

The event for those concerned, does not have any Power Level matching. Bronze and the like level players will likely run into players of Platinum, Legend or King of Games Level.

Answer the Round Question by selecting the Type you prefer. The question updates every 2 Days.

Enter a team and enter with Entry & Duel

You’ll get bonus points for Dueling in certain ways.

Earn Treasure Boxes by Dueling.

The main prize of the event is unlocking Esper Roba and his card “Jinzo”.

While the other event prizes are cards like Monster Reborn Reborn, Master Gig, Battle of the Elements and Reckless Drop Off.

Cumulative Reward List:

Point Rewards

1000: 30 Gems
2000: 30 R Jewels
4000: “Teleport”
6000: 75 Gems
8000: 5000 Gold
10000: 30 R Jewels
12000: “D.D. Telepon”
15000: 50 Gems
18000: 7500 Gold
21000: 50 Gems
24000: 10000 Gold
27000: Espa Roba (Character)
30000: 1 SR Jewel
34000: 50 Gems
38000: “Heartless Drop Off”
42000: 50 R Jewels
46000: 50 Gems
50000: 10000 Gold
54000: “Pulse Mines”
60000: 2 SR Jewels
66000: 50 Gems
72000: 10000 Gold
80000: “Battle of the Elements”
88000: 50 Gems
96000: 1 UR Jewel
104000: 100 R Jewels
112000: 10000 Gold
120000: Master Gig
130000: 20000 Gold
140000: 50 Gems
150000: 1 UR Jewel
160000: 25000 Gold
170000: 50 Gems
180000: “Monster Reborn Reborn”
200000: 100 R Jewels
220000: 100 R Jewels
240000: 100 R Jewels
260000: 100 R Jewels
280000: 100 R Jewels
300000: 100 R Jewels

Card Rewards:

Monster Reborn Reborn (UR)
Master Gig (UR)
Battle of the Elements (SR)
Heartless Drop Off (SR)
Pulse Mines (SR)
D.D. Telepon (SR)
Teleport (R)
Cyber Esper (R)
Senri Eye (R)
Omega Goggles (R)
Insepection (R)
Metal Dragon (N)
Steel Ogre Grotto #1 (N)
Psychic Kappa (N)
Cyber Soldier of Darkworld (N)
Lesser Dragon (N)


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