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Some notes about the new rarity as well as a look at the new regional mat.

The video is just under 3 minutes and has a look at the new Regional Mat featuring Appolousa, Bow of the Goddess.

Some notes he mentions on the new rarity are:

-They will ONLY be available in the 1st edition booster packs. This means you can not get one in the Special Edition 3-pack blisters.

-They are “about 50 times harder to find than a secret rare”. Please note that this is not necessarily an exact number. However, taking Jerome at his word, you could estimate that at the estimated 2 secret rares per booster box, they would appear approximately  1 per every 25 boxes. Again, this may NOT be an exact number, nor is it official.

-No official name for the rarity has been given as of yet.

Source: Official Yu-Gi-Oh TRADING CARD GAME Youtube channel.


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