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The Organization’s Online Store is now Live!

My Organization has been hard at work for a number of years. We’ve done this work because we’re a group of fans and gamers that enjoy helping others enjoy the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise.

Today, our work brings us to a new way of helping others enjoy the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise, and eventually, other franchises as well.

Our online store will open to the public for the first time at the exact moment I post this article.

All Prices are in Canadian Dollars! This means that our prices are as low as possible!

Present Preparations

Through the hard work of several of our folks, we’ve decided to try serving players’ needs by selling cards at reasonable prices.

At present, we only sell single cards for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game, and only to the USA and Canada. We are in the process of stocking cards as we acquire them.

Our store’s base of operations is located in Canada, so prices will be displayed in Canadian dollars. We understand ordering from Canada to the USA can take time, so we will make daily postal runs to get your ordered product to you as quickly as possible.

Our store staff monitors card prices across various online stores to calculate a fair price, accounting for currency conversions: thanks to our monitoring, we expect our prices to be lower than the average prices for cards online, after taking those conversions into account.

When you purchase from our store, PayPal will convert your personal currency into Canadian dollars for you, at exchange rates current to the moment of purchase.

We’re still updating the store’s cosmetics, so you can expect some banner and picture changes in the coming weeks. Everything should be fully operational.

If you notice a card you are looking for is not on the store’s website, please let us know by emailing [email protected].


Future Focus

Obviously, this is only the beginning. We’re focused on expanding our store’s operations, to serve your interests even better.

At present, we only sell cards.
In the future, we will buy them too: we will prepare a buylist to be viewed at your leisure.

At present, our store only serves the USA and Canada.
In the future, we will also serve the rest of North America, then Europe, then South America, then the entire globe.

At present, we do not have every card from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game.
In the future, we will expand our inventory where possible: we are not presently operating an Official Tournament Store, just an online store outside of the OTS system. We plan to stock cards from every release we can, including releases that Official Tournament Stores are not allowed to buy or sell, like (as of this date) the present Astral Pack 8 and the upcoming OTS Tournament Pack 1.

At present, we only deal in unsealed Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game products.
In the future, we will also deal in sealed YGO product, and we will also deal in sealed and unsealed product from other TCG franchises, like Magic: The Gathering, Cardfight! Vanguard, Pokemon, and perhaps more.

We will give more information about our expansion plans as soon as we are able.


Promises to Keep

I began forming this Organization years ago, with the best of intentions and the strongest possible integrity in mind.

That won’t change now, nor ever. My team and I are committed to this, and we will end our operations completely before we allow ourselves to do something we find unfair or dishonest.

Our website’s news content, hobby content, decklist reports, and OP/ED articles – the bread and butter of what you’ve come to know us for over the years – will remain entirely unchanged. On occasion, we have announced the release dates of prior products: this will continue, when we remember to announce release dates of products. It may even increase, now that we have more work focused on TCG release dates.

However, let me be absolutely clear:

We are not linking to our store in our articles, except for purposes of announcing important moments like the store’s creation or a massive cosmetic change/overhaul. We will not use non-store articles to advertise cards on our store. That’s not what they are for.

The store will be accessible through the website’s top navigation bar and, perhaps, also advertisement banners along the sides. Our articles have to remain fair and impartial, even if we make things a little tougher for ourselves along the way.

The release announcements will be release announcements, not sale announcements. The best way to explain what I mean is, well, like, I imagine I will soon be saying “Shining Victories is now available in the TCG”, but I won’t be begging people to “please buy Shining Victories from us”. It would be rude to put that in our articles, and I’m not going to treat my readers that way. You all deserve better than that.

Besides, advertisement banners can do that for us, without being rude, and without harming article content.

I, Atem, believe in doing things right, rather than doing them easily, and I’m going to respect my readers. The rest of the Organization is with me on this.

I hope you all enjoy our store. I’ll see you around. 🙂

Pharaoh Atem

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