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[TCG] RATE-EN Name Checklist

Ignore the second W.

RATE-EN000 Fusion Recycling Plant
RATE-EN001 Dragoncaller Magician
RATE-EN002 Performapal Handstandaccoon
RATE-EN003 Performapal Dag Daggerman
RATE-EN004 Performapal Laugh Maker
RATE-EN005 Speedroid Gum Prize
RATE-EN006 Speedroid Horse Stilts
RATE-EN007 Windwitch – Ice Bell
RATE-EN008 Windwitch – Snow Bell
RATE-EN009 Fusion Parasite
RATE-EN010 Cyber Tutubon
RATE-EN011 Cipher Etranger
RATE-EN012 Flower Cardian Cherry Blossom with Curtain
RATE-EN013 Ancient Gear Hunting Hound
RATE-EN014 Zoodiac Ratpier
RATE-EN015 Zoodiac Bunnyblast
RATE-EN016 Zoodiac Whiptail
RATE-EN017 Zoodiac Thoroughblade
RATE-EN018 Zoodiac Ramram
RATE-EN019 True King Lithosagym, the Disaster
RATE-EN020 Crystron Rion
RATE-EN021 Crystron Sulfefnir
RATE-EN022 Shinobird Crow
RATE-EN023 Shinobird Crane
RATE-EN024 Shinobird Pigeon
RATE-EN025 Envoy of Chaos
RATE-EN026 Spiritual Beast Tamer Winda
RATE-EN027 Tierra, Source of Destruction
RATE-EN028 Miscellaneousaurus
RATE-EN029 Apprentice Piper
RATE-EN030 Hebo, Lord of the River
RATE-EN031 Yokotuner
RATE-EN032 Eater of Millions
RATE-EN033 Wightprincess
RATE-EN034 Metrognome
RATE-EN035 Fairy Tail – Rella
RATE-EN036 Cyber Angel Natasha
RATE-EN037 Shinobaroness Peacock
RATE-EN038 Shinobaron Peacock
RATE-EN039 Brave-Eyes Pendulum Dragon
RATE-EN040 Windwitch – Crystal Bell
RATE-EN041 Chaos Ancient Gear Giant
RATE-EN042 Ancient Gear Howitzer
RATE-EN043 Windwitch – Winter Bell
RATE-EN044 Superheavy Samurai Stealth Ninja
RATE-EN045 Flower Cardian Lightflare
RATE-EN046 Crystron Quariongandrax
RATE-EN047 Shiranui Sunsaga
RATE-EN048 Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon
RATE-EN049 Neo Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon
RATE-EN050 Heavy Armored Train Ironwolf
RATE-EN051 Zoodiac Broadbull
RATE-EN052 Zoodiac Tigermortar
RATE-EN053 Zoodiac Drident
RATE-EN054 Zoodiac Boarbow
RATE-EN055 Machine Angel Absolute Ritual
RATE-EN056 Rank-Up-Magic Cipher Ascension
RATE-EN057 Recardination
RATE-EN058 Zodiac Sign
RATE-EN059 Zoodiac Barrage
RATE-EN060 Shinobird’s Calling
RATE-EN061 Shinobird Power Spot
RATE-EN062 Super Soldier Synthesis
RATE-EN063 Super Quantal Alphan Spike
RATE-EN064 Ritual Beast Return
RATE-EN065 Foolish Burial Goods
RATE-EN066 That Grass Looks Greener
RATE-EN067 Terminal World NEXT
RATE-EN068 Lost Wind
RATE-EN069 Cipher Spectrum
RATE-EN070 Ancient Gear Reborn
RATE-EN071 Zoodiac Combo
RATE-EN072 Shinobird Salvation
RATE-EN073 Beginning of Heaven and Earth
RATE-EN074 Shiranui Style Samsara
RATE-EN075 Majespecter Gust
RATE-EN076 Void Feast
RATE-EN077 Purushaddoll Aeon
RATE-EN078 Full Force Virus
RATE-EN079 Switcheroroo
RATE-EN080 Massivemorph
RATE-EN081 Sea Monster of Theseus
RATE-EN082 Subterror Nemesis Defender
RATE-EN083 Subterror Behemoth Dragossuary
RATE-EN084 Subterror Behemoth Voltelluric
RATE-EN085 Subterror Cave Clash
RATE-EN088 SPYRAL GEAR – Utility Wire
RATE-EN090 Symphonic Warrior Guitaar
RATE-EN091 Symphonic Warrior Synthess
RATE-EN092 Symph Amplifire
RATE-EN093 Rocket Hand
RATE-EN094 Mekanikal Arkfiend
RATE-EN095 Lightsworn Judgment
RATE-EN096 Symphonic Warrior Miccs
RATE-EN097 Delta The Magnet Warrior
RATE-EN098 Windwitch – Glass Bell
RATE-EN099 Dark Contract with the Entities

Note: Windwitch – Ice Bell’s name has a typo, don’t overread into it, as the official site confirmed it’s Windwitch – Ice Bell.


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