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Gold Sarcophagus Tin Rarities

Special thanks to all the World Championship Competitors!

Update 1- Borrelsword discovered!

Keep in mind these are only the ones we confirmed, more to come later!

Nibiru, The Primal Being
Dark Ruler No More
Dimension Shifter

Blue-Eyes Alternative Ultimate Dragon
Magician of Black Chaos MAX
Exodia, the Legendary Defender
Palladium Oracle Mana
Red-Eyes Alternative Black Dragon
Neo Kaiser Glider

Obelisk The Tormentor
Slifer the Sky Dragon
The Winged Dragon of Ra
Monster Reborn

Secret Rare:

Altergeist Multifaker
Iron Dragon Tiamaton
Knightmare Mermaid
World Legacy Succession
Sekka’s Light
Red Reboot
Crusadia Equimax
Galaxy-Eyes Solflare Dragon
Sky Striker Ace – Hayate
Danger! Chupacabra!
Danger!? Jackalope?
Salamangreat Foxy
Thunder Dragondark
Thunder Dragonhawk
Thunder Dragonroar
Salamangreat Heatleo (Soul Fusion Artwork)
Danger! Mothman!
Danger! Response Team
Heritage of the Chalice
Until Noble Arms Are Needed Once Again
Sky Striker Ace – Kagari
Sky Striker Ace – Shizuki

Knightmare Corrupter Iblee
Topologic Trisbaena
Knightmare Phoenix
Knightmare Cerberus
Knightmare Unicorn
Knightmare Gryphon
Crusadia Reclusia
Borrelsword Dragon
Danger! Bigfoot!
Dinowrestler Pankratops
Thunder Dragonduo
Thunder Dragon Colossus
Herald of the Abyss
Trap Trick
Danger! Thunderbird
Danger!? Tsuchinoko?
Sky Striker Mecha – Widow Anchor

Super Rare:
Cyber Dragon Herz
F.A. Dawn Dragster
Revndread Executor
Crusadia Arboria
Impcantation Bookstone
Impcantation Talismandra
Cross Breed
World Legacy – World Crown
World Legacy – World Lance
Trickstar Bella Madona
Sky Striker Maneuver – Afterburners!
Duelittle Chimera
Cyberse Witch
Cyber Revsystem
Crusadia Draco
Impcantation Candoll

Realm of Danger!
World Legacy Survivor
Space Insulator
Crusadia Revival
Some Summer Summoner
Hip Hoshiningen
Wee Witch’s Apprentice
Celestial Observatory
Staring Contest
Sacred Noble Knight Of King Custennin

Rafale, Champion Fur Hire
Vampire Scarlet Scourge
Thunder Dragonmatrix
Mayhem Fur Hire
Vampire Retainer
Sky Striker Mecha – Hornet Drones
Sky Striker Mecha – Shark Cannon
Sky Striker Mecha – Eagle Booster
Sky Striker Mecha Modules – Multi Role
Vampire Grimson
Link Devotee
Cyberse Clock Dragon
Sky Striker Manuever – Jamming Waves!

Source: Various World Championship Competitors, notably Herman Hanson, Nerdy Jersey and Jake Quinsee.


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