[GO RUSH!!] Saikyo Jump Info!

Look, having to work Alphabet Agency Names into English that make sense to those abbreviations is a pain.

Troublesome Aliens Keep Showing Up!?

Is Communication Even Possible!?

They Aren’t Human!?

Aliens keep showing up that keep causing trouble!

Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!! Episode 1 airs April 3rd, 2022

Aliens want to Rush Duel!

Aliens have come to Mutsuba Town to Rush Duel!

“Transamu Rainac”, one of Yudias’s galactic warriors, will appear in the first episode!

The Velgear Aliens have come from the battlefields of their home world!!

Yudias is the protagonist of Go Rush!!, and he’s an alien whose come to Earth from the other side of the galaxy. Also, his former superior officer, Zweijo also appears!!

Why does Yudias have a Duel Disk in the shape of a 7!?

Yuhi and Yuamu are twins that run UTS (Uchuujin Trouble Soudanjyo*) i.e. Ultraterrastrial Trouble Solutions, who confront super unique aliens!

* (Literally Alien Trouble Consultancy)

MIK: Cracking Down on the Scum of the Universe!!

MIK is the “Organization For Monitoring Interstellar Kriminals”(*). In order to properly observe and determine what Yudias is up to, they approach UTS!

*(Meiwaku Iseijin Kanshi Kikou: MIK, lit. Troublesome Alien Observation Organization)

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