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[VRAINS] Additional Plot Summary

Nothing terribly huge, but it clarifies that the Knights of Hanoi and Yusaku aren’t the only people involved in the main plot.

In Den City, a city that has developed its Network System, a certain company called “SOL Technology Inc.”, who with their advanced network technology, has constructed a Virtual Reality space called “LINK VRAINS”. In “LINK VRAINS”, a mysterious group of hackers called “The Knights of Hanoi” have appeared, who hack systems using Duels.

There is one Duelist who stands against the might of their threat. His name is “Playmaker”. “Playmaker”‘s true identity is that of a certain high-school student, “Fujiki Yusaku”, who struggles to find out the truth of what happened in the past. And amid this struggle, Yusaku manages to capture a mysterious AI Program being sought after by both “SOL Technology Inc.” and “The Knights of Hanoi”. In doing so, the gears of fate begin to turn… …

The true identity of this mysterious AI. That is the real goal of the “Knights of Hanoi” in “LINK VRAINS”. And the truth of Yusaku’s past… … All the answers lie within “LINK VRAINS”!!



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