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[VJMP] The next V-JUMP Promo

Cute zombie girl to make do until the Zombieland Saga movie.

霊道士チャンシー/Changshi the Spiritualist
Level 6

“Has great affinity with the Zombie monsters printed in the latest pack!!”

Regarding the name, 霊道士 would literally be a Taoist spiritual master, but it is also 1 character short to being the Japanese name of the Hong Kong movie 殭屍先生 (jp: 霊幻道士, en: Mr. Vampire), a popular jiangshi movie. “Changshi” is how we’re localizing the name, which seems to be a middle ground between “jiangshi”, the Japanese word for it (kyonshii), and probably even the name of the main character of the movie, Master Kau (Master Chen in the jp version).