[VJMP] The Next Round of Subscription Promos Announced

It’s three cards from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, including two ace monsters people have wanted for years!

Daidara-Bocchi, a Yokai-Type Monster used by Misawa Daichi in his Tag Duel with Tenjoin Asuka again Amon Garam and Johan Anderson. Its effects in the manga that were it couldn’t be Special Summoned, and it gained 200 ATK for each Yokai on the field. (Yokais have been translated into the OCG as Zombie-Type monsters).

Queen Butterfly Danaus, a Level 8 Insect used by the manga version of Johan Anderson in a Duel against Marufuji Shou, that had a Quick Effect that could make its ATK 0 to let 3 Level 4 or lower Insect monsters be Special Summoned from the Graveyard.

Wish Dragon, a low level Dragon used by Manjome Jun that could Tribute itself to summon two Dragon Tokens.

Source: V Jump

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