[VBEX3] Some of the themes mentioned

ETA: Some day.

“The story of ‘Albaz’ reaches its climax!!”

Some of the visible contents are a reference art for Despian Luluwalilith (CYAC-JP042), the art of The Boundless Open Land (CYAC-JP054) introducing the chapter, and some of the film recording the adventure, probably as featured in the reference art of The Boundless Open Land we’ve covered before.

(and yes, the text is either blocked by the announcement, or blurry, or intentionally blurred out to translate something beyond a few loose words)

“A new story begins: The story of ‘Visas’!!”

The Visas prologue is readable:

“Prologue: Clear New World
In a space where everything is enveloped in deep darkness, a glitter indescribable as a birth nor an ending burst open.
Green, blue, red…with the passage of time, among the various planets that increased this glitter, a small blue glitter became a planet and began pouring over the green planet.”

“Chapter 1: Primitive Planet Reichphobia

And of course, we see the art of Mr. Visas.

“Other themes will also be included!!”

As a reminder, this comes out on March 17th. As for the translations…who knows…

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