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Commerorative “Yu-Gi-Oh! the Movie” AR Stamp Rally in Yokohama!

In honor of the movie’s release, a “Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie” AR Stamp Rally in Yokohama is going to be held.

You need to collect 12 Stamp Points at 9 locations.

Using an exclusive application, you’ll be able to meet ARs of the characters!

3DCG of monsters also appear!

If you collect 8 of the stamps from 12 of the locations, you get the new alternate art Kaiba Corp foil of “Obelisk the Tormentor”! (Limited to the first 30,000 people)
Being held between April 16, 2016 to May 11, 2016

AR Stamp Points
・ The Yokohama Landmark Tower (Two Places)
・ Dockyard Garden
・ Yokohama Cosmo World (Two Places: ★)
・ Sailboat Nipponmaru ・ Yokohama Port Museum (★)
・ YCC Yokohama City Creation Center
・ Yokohama City Development Memorial
・ Yokohama Marine Tower (Two Places: ★)
・ Yokohama House of Dolls ・ Sankei-en
※ If you gather 4 points with the above starred points, you’ll get a free Rally gift.


The gifts being given out at the GOP

Also, it looks like Cospa is re-releasing a lot of their goods in honor of their movie? (Or at least compiling them)



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