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[V Jump] Random Scraps for June 2015 VJ

Basically tidbits of information from here and there

Battle City Pack’s cover

Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon

Color Pic of EARTH Magician

Color Pic of WATER Magician

The next V Jump Edition Pack is “20th Legendary Collection”

The OCG Rules Test will now also be determining qualified YGO Instructors along with Rule Masters (i.e. Judges)

YGO Day in Japan will be reformatted to include Star Chip elements and a partial focus on Entry Level Duelists in Elementary School

Next month’s VJ has a prequel/first half to Yusei and Jack’s final match in thee manga.

Crow uses Blackwings and takes care of three kids.

Jack, despite being from a facility (note: this could mean anything from juvie to a test lab to an orphanage), due to his Duelist prowess, reigns as ‘King’ in the Synchro reality.

Number 93: Kibouou Hope Kaiser / Number 93: Utopia Kaiser

“Appear now! The true king of the Numbers! Number 93: Utopia Kaiser!”
“This is the king of kings of the Numbers!”

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In order to form an alliance to oppose the Fusion Dimension’s plans, Yuya and the Lancers travel to other realities. During their journey, they meet experienced, veteran Duelists.

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