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[V Jump March 19th] Misc News

For various assorted items. Edit: Duel Links news added!

Duelist Festival 2016 will be held in Sappou and Fukuoka during Late May 2016.

Lemon Magician Girl Figure

To be released Fall 2016


Apple Magician Girl Figure

To be released August 2016
10000 Yen
220 mm

Duel Links news

1. LP: Starting LP is 4000. Shown in top left and bottom right respectively.
2. Phases: Shown in top right.
3. Field: 3 Monster Zones and 3 S/T Zones. No Pendulum Zones.
4. Extra Deck is 5 cards max.
5. Deck is 20~30 cards.
6. Hand: Your Hand is shown on the bottom. Starts off at 4, max size limit is 6.

(They don’t tell you if all the phases from the actual game are intact)


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