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[V Jump] Booster Pack Cards

Just a run-down of images from each product, with confirmed rarities.

Extra Pack 2017


Subterror Behemoth Apparition (Secret Rare)

Subterror Behemoth Ultramafus (Rare)

Subterror Behemoth Speleogeist (Rare)

Subterror Nemesis Warrior (Super Rare)

The Hidden City (Rare)

Subterror Final Battle (Common)

SPYRAL The Double Helix (Secret Rare)

SPYRAL Super Agent (Ultra Rare)

SPYRAL Quikfix (Rare)

SPYGAL Misty (Common)

SPYRAL GEAR – Fully Armed (Common)

SPYRAL MISSION – Recapture (Common)

Deck Build Pack: Spirit Warriors

Snow Weathery Ciel (Super Rare)

Cloudy Weathery Pattern (Common)

Aurora Weathery Pattern (Common)

Magibullet Shooter Star (Super Rare)

Magibullet Shooter Doctor (Common)

Magibullet – Cross-Dominator (Super Rare)

Magibullet – Devil’s Deal (Common)


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