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[V Jump August 2016] Misc

Promos and Video Game News.


Next Month’s V Jump comes with Kaiba’s Krystal Dragon from “The Dark Side of Dimensions”. It’s stated to show its true worth in Dragon-Type Decks.

(Yes we’re calling it Krystal. The movie itself calls it that via the cards.)

Saikyou Card Battle News:
Win Material Cards from Duels
Gather enough Material Cards? Go to Guide (The Tour Guide look-a-like), hand them to her and get a new Deck.

Show the fact you’ve cleared the game at your local shop to get your hands on a Blue-Eyes White Dragon (classic artwork). (Starting July 16th, 2016)

Also try a special Mini-Game at the Nintendo Zone in Tsutaya Shops across Japan.

The next issue of V Jump comes with a special code regarding Deck Data for Saikyou Card Battle.

With the The Next Issue of V Jump, you’ll be able to apply for “20th Rival Collection”, a special pack containing 4 new cards, related to rivals currently in ARC-V!



It comes with:
Destiny HERO – Deadlyguy
Red Rising Dragon
Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Blade Dragon
Makai Gekidan – Dandy Bi-Player (Abyss Actor – Dandy Supporting Actor, as Bi-Player is Waseigo (Japanese made-up English) for Supporting Actor. Or you know, Co-Star.)


Buying 3500 Yen or more worth of Yu-Gi-Oh! product at the Jump Shop Booth at the JVC event nets Japanese consumers a special pack that reprints ‘popular’ cards.



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