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[Deck Recipe] “Vampire” Deck

A sample Deck designed to show people how to play the new Vampires.

Super Strengthened By Cards From “Deck Build Pack: Dark Savers”! “Vampire” Deck

Dhampir Vampire Sheridan
Key Point:
If you use a monster that originally belonged to your opponent as an Material to Xyz Summon this card, it’s treated as Level 6.

Vampire Red Baron
Exchange control of 1 monster your opponent controls and another “Vampire” monster you control.

Many Spell & Trap Cards That Strongly Support The Way “Vampires” Duel Appear!

Vampire Fraulein
When a monster attacks, this card can be Special Summoned from the hand in Defense Position. When your Zombie monster battles, you can pay increments of 100 LP (up to 3000) and have that monster gain an equal amount of ATK and DEF.

Vampire Retainer
If this card is Special Summoned, you can add 1 “Vampire” Spell/Trap Card from your Deck to your hand. If this card is in the GY, it can be Special Summoned.

Vampire’s Domain: A Powerful Effect During The Battle Phase
If your “Vampire” monster inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent, you gain an equal amount of LP.

Vampire Awakening: You Can Activate It During The Opponent’s Turn
Special Summon 1 “Vampire” monster from your Deck. The monster Special Summoned by this effect is destroyed during that turn’s End Phase.

2 Vampire Familiar
2 Vampire Retainer
2 Vampire Fraulein
1 Vampire Grimson
3 Vampire Scarlet Scourge
3 Vampire Red Baron
2 Shadow Vampire
2 Armageddon Knight
1 Plaguespreader Zombie

3 Vampire’sDesire
3 Vampire’s Domain
1 The Monarchs Stormforth
1 Foolish Burial
3 Allure of Darkness
1 Burial from a Different Dimension
1 Soul Exchange
1 Mind Control
2 Book of Life

3 Vampire Awakening
3 Vampire Domination

3 Dhampir Vampire Sheridan
3 Crimson Knight Vampire Bram
3 Vampire Sucker
1 Summon Sorceress



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