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[OCG] EP16 & SR03 Related Deck Recipes

Straight from your friendly neighborhood Obelisk Force.


“Kaiju VS Elemental HERO Neos” Deck
[Deck Concept] Special Summon a Level 7 Kaiju to your opponent’s field, while Special Summoning “Elemental HERO Neos” with “A Rival Appears!” and “O – Oversoul”, while using cards like “Skyscraper”, “Super Polymerization” and “Miracle Contact” to take control of the fight.

Note: This Deck Concept is a refrence to the anime spell “Battle of Sleeping Spirits”

1 Dogoran, the Mad Flame Kaiju
3 Gamcaiel, the Sea Turtle Kaiju
3 Radian, the Multi-Dimensional Kaiju
3 Kumongous, the Sticky Thread Kaiju
3 Elemental HERO Neos
2 Elemental HERO Neos Alius
2 Elemental HERO Captain Gold
1 Elemental HERO Prisma
1 Elemental HERO Stratos
1 Elemental HERO Shadow Mist
2 Neo Spacian Grand Mole
1 Honest
1 Winged Kuriboh

3 Skyscraper
3 E – Emergency Call
2 O – Oversoul
1 Miracle Fusion
2 Sacred Sword of Seven Stars1 Miracle Contact
1 Monster Reborn
1 Reinforcement of the Army
1 Super Polymerization

3 A Rival Appears!
2 Hero Blast
1 Call of the Haunted

1 Elemental HERO Gaia
1 Elemental HERO Grand Neos
1 Elemental HERO Neos Knight
1 Elemental HERO The Shining
1 Elemental HERO Absolute Zero
1 Elemental HERO Escuridao
1 Elemental HERO Nova Master
1 Elemental HERO Great Tornado
1 Elemental HERO Divine Neos
1 Daigusto Emeral
1 Number 80: Rhapsody in Berserk
1 Number 11: Big Eye
1 Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon


“Kaiju + Charmer” Deck
[Deck Concept] It’s a Deck based on Tributing your opponent’s Mondster to Special Summon a “Kaiju”, and then steal control of that monster using the effects of your “Charmers”. After doing so, fight with “Kauju” and then Tribute “Charmers” and “Kaiju” to Special Summon your “Familiar-Possessed”.

1 Hiita the Fire Charmer
1 Eria the Water Charmer
1 Aussa the Earth Charmer
1 Wynn the Wind Charmer
1 Lyna the Light Charmer
1 Dharc the Dark Charmer
1 Familiar-Possessed – Hiita
1 Familiar-Possessed – Eria
1 Familiar-Possessed – Aussa
1 Familiar-Possessed – Wynn
1 Familiar-Possessed – Dharc
1 Inari Fire
1 Jigobyte
1 Nefarious Archfiend Eater of Nefariousness
1 Thunder King, the Lightningstrike Kaiju
1 Dogoran, the Mad Flame Kaiju
1 Gameciel, the Sea Turtle Kaiju
1 Gadarla, the Mystery Dust Kaiju
1 Radian, the Multi-Dimensional Kaiju
1 Kumongous, the Sticky Thread Kaiju
2 Silent Magician LV8
3 Silent Magician
2 Debris Dragon

3 Kyoutou Waterfront
2 Magical Dimension
1 Pot of Avarice
1 Harpie’s Feather Duster
1 Monster Reborn

3 Unpossessed
3 Kaiju Capture Mission
2 Fiendish Chain
1 Burst Rebirth

1 Yazi, Evil of the Yang Zing
1 Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
1 Michael, the Arch-Lightsworn
1 Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon
1 Black Rose Moonlight Dragon
1 The Phantom Knights of Break Sword
1 Leviair the Sea Dragon
1 Ghostrick Alucard
1 Number 106: Giant Hand
1 Abyss Dweller
1 Dark Reellion Xyz Dragon
1 Super Quantual Mech Beast Aeroboros
1 Number 39: Utopia
1 Number C39: Utopia Ray
1 Number S39: Utopia the Lightning


“Paleozoic” Deck
[Deck Concept] A Deck that uses the effect of “Temple of the Kings” to activate “Scrap-Iron” Trap Cards and “Paleozoic” cards during the same turn. From there you can activate the effect of “Ultimaya Tzolkin” even during your opponent’s turn, allowing you to activate the effects of your “Paleozoic” Trap Cards from your opponent’s Graveyard. As for “Ultimaya Tzolkin” you can Special Summon it by using the effect of “Galaxy Queen’s Light” on “Shapesister” while you have “Metal Reflect Slime” to make them both Level 10, or you can also aim to Xyz Summon a Rank 10 Monster.

1 Card Destruction
3 Hand Destruction
3 Galaxy Queen’s Light
3 Temple of the Kings

3 Paleozoic Canadia
3 Paleozoic Pikaia
2 Paleozoic Olenoides
2 Paleozoic Hallucigenia
2 Paleozoic Dinomischus
1 Paleozoic Marrella
3 Scrap-Iron Scarecrow
2 Scrap-Iron Statue
2 Jar of Avarice
3 Booby Trap E
2 Metal Reflect Slime
2 Shapesister
2 Imperial Iron Wall

1 Ultimaya Tzolkin
1 Black Rose Moonlight Dragon
1 Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons
1 Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon
1 Hot Red Dragon Archfiend
1 Red Dragon Archfiend Scarlight
1 Stardust Spark Dragon
3 Paleozoic Opabinia
2 Paleozoic Anomalocaris
1 Toadally Awesome
1 Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav Max
1 Number 81: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super Dora


“Ancient Gear + Deskbot” Deck
[Deck Concept] A Deck premised around using “Ancient Gear Wyvern” and its effect to add “Ancient Gear Box” to your hand, allowing you to add any “Deskbot” to your hand. Use Pendulum Summons, “Instant Fuson” andd “Superheavy Samurai Swordsman Musashi” together to Xyz Summon “Cyber Dragon Infinity”. And by using Pendulum Summons and the effect of “Symphonic Warrior Miccs”, you’ll be able to Tribute Summon “Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon”.

3 Ancient Gear Wyvern
2 Ancient Gear Box
2 Ancient Gear Gadget
1 Ancient Gar Reactor Dragon
1 Deskbot 001
2 Deskbot 002
2 Deskbot 003
2 Deskbot 005
2 Deskbot 008
3 Symphonic Warrior Guitaars
2 Symphonic Warrior Miccs
2 Gold Gadget
2 Silver Gadget
3 Archfiend Eccentrick

1 Harpie’s Feather Duster
1 Monster Reborn
3 Ancient Gear Catapult
3 Instant Fusion

3 Dimensional Barrier

3 Gear Gigant X
2 Cyber Dragon Nova
2 Cyber Dragon Infinity
1 Panzer Dragon
1 Naturia Beast
1 Ally of Justice Catastor
3 Superheavy Samurai Swordsman Musashi
1 Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
1 Deskbot Jet



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