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[Duel Links] Tyranno Hassleberry at the Gate

Previously event exclusive, you can now Duel Legendary Duelist Tyranno Hassleberry at the Gate.

Available from July 22 2019.

Players who didn’t unlock him during previous events can now obtain him through Character Unlock Missions.

In addition, if you missed out on obtaining his Event exclusive Skill “One with the Dinos” you’ll now be able to obtain it through Lifetime Missions.

Character Introduction

Ace Monster 

Obtainable Duel Rewards 

“Stegocyber” [UR]

“Evolsaur Diplo” [UR]

“Giant Rex” [UR]

“Survival’s End” [SR]

Obtained through Lifetime Missions 

Skill “One with the Dinos”