Two of the Cards in the Rush Duel Promotion Pack 2024 [RD/24PR]

Uh. Cute little stars sing a song as old dragons do a dance, maybe?

5 Different Cards in Total; All come in Normal Parallel.

Available at Jump Festa for participating in events.

RD/24PR-JP002 Interstellive
Level 1 LIGHT Galaxy Effect Monster
ATK 1000
[REQUIREMENT] If there are 10 or more cards in your Deck and you control a total of 2 face-up “Interstellive” and/or “Interstellime”.
[EFFECT] Draw 1 card.

RD/24PR-JP004 Kaiser Dragon
Level 7 LIGHT Dragon Fusion Monster
ATK 2300
DEF 2000
Materials: “Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1” + “Fairy Dragon”


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One thought on “Two of the Cards in the Rush Duel Promotion Pack 2024 [RD/24PR]

  • November 10, 2023 at 12:46 pm

    We finally got Interstellive! Now you no longer need to have Interstellime on your field, but you must have a total number of 2 monsters face up and 10+ cards in your Deck to draw. This also means if you have 3 in total face-up on your field, you can’t draw at all.
    A little too niche as LIGHT Galaxy as Eve and Jamais Vu, while requiring some mild set up, are much easier draw 1 cards. Interstellime is not even a good vanilla in its own Deck and isn’t worth including for the draw 1 alone, so you need to have 2 copies of Interstellive (or 1 copy of each) on your field at the same time which is impractical. Companions! essentially does what this is trying to do anyway but much more generic.
    Kaiser Dragon’s artwork is good but it definitely speaks DL bait. Even with Fairy Dragon being reprinted in the Structure Deck, other Dragons with the same ATK are easier to summon and generate advantage when bringing them on the field. This card is obsolete.


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