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[Duel Links] Producer Kataoka’s Blue-Eyes Deck

The Deck Recipe he used on Hokkahoka da ne, V Jump.

Which was a V Jump related stream on Nico Nico Douga that announced Duel Links news. Kataoka appears to be the producer of the original Duel Monsters anime, for what it’s worth. (… And apparently a very brisk 72 years old…)

Skill: Beatdown

3 Kaiser Sea Horse
2 Kaibaman
2 Blue Dragon Summoner
2 Leotaur
2 Blue-Eyes White Dragon

1 Nobleman of Extermination

2 Wild Tornado
2 Regretful Rebirth
1 Xing Zhen Hu
2 Magical Hats
2 Security Orb



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